"Journeying with New Members " ~ A Course for the Formation of Formators

The main areas are as follows:
Personal Development
  • Reflection on the Formator's own personal story with a view to guiding

    those in Formation to reflect on their story

  • Personality:

    • Accepting and growing through one's own personality

    • Appreciation of the gifts of diverse personalities

    • Accompaniment that respects personality differences

  • Considering Family of Origin and issues relating to co-dependence, dysfunction, childhood memories

  • Encouraging the practice of journaling as a significant tool in working with

  • formative influences

  • Learning from Life's Transitions and Crises

  • Dealing with issues relating to Psycho-sexual maturity

  • Leadership, Community and Giftedness

  • Communication and Conflict Resolution Skill

"Journeying Formations program logawith New Members”


The “Journeying with New Members” Program  is a training period for those who are engaged in formation or who are being prepared for this ministry. This logo depicts the Journey that is undertaken by New Members with the person chosen to be their companion. 


  • Biblical Spirituality

  • Prayer

  • Religious Life as Discipleship

  • Contemporary Understanding  of the Vows and areas of Canon Law applicable to Religious Life

  • Challenges of Contemporary Vocation Ministry



  • Current insights and teaching on Christology and Ecclesiology                                               

Mission and Ministry

  • Theology of Mission

  • Charism of Congregations in relation to mission and ministry

  • Theological Reflection Process

  • Inter-religious and Cross-cultural dialogue

Spiritual Direction and Accompaniment Skills


Sessions devoted to:

  • Understanding the role of formators as spiritual directors and accompaniers
  • Learning and practising skills in this area
  • Practical experience and supervision under experienced personnel