The New Life  programs cover significant topics in a number of areas related to life and ministry, and deal with these through lectures, pastoral reflection groups, guided personal reflection and reading. An excellent library is available.

The main areas are as follows:

Theology, Liturgy & Mission                                                       

  • Christology ~ Jesus, the "Kenosis" of God

  • Post-Vatican II Ecclesiology and issues confronting the Church today

  • Mission and Ministry

  • Eucharist ~ Revelation for Today

  • Foundations for Preparing Prayer Experiences and Liturgy

  • Creativity and Change in Religious Life


  • A fresh look at one (at least) of the Gospels
  • Readings of St. Paul
  • Old Testament Themes
  • Wisdom Literature
  • Living Scripture


New Life Logo                          


New Life LogoNew Life (symbolised by the sprouting seed) is generated by the Holy Spirit (symbolised by curving lines) and continues to grow in the light of Christ (symbolised by the Cross).  This process is a living, dynamic movement of the Spirit within each person, and is expressed by the outward movement of the curved lines reaching beyond self to embrace others.


 Personal and Spiritual Development                                  

  • Creativity in Prayer and Spirituality for Life's Transitions
    and Crises                         
  • Reviewing our Life Story
  • Inner work and Spiritual Integration, using techniques from
  • Sexuality, Intimacy and Relationships
Special Areas
  • Culture ~ Embracing Diversity
  • Social Justice and Peace issues
  • Ecology ~ Discovering the Beauty and Mystery in the Heart of Creation
  • Conflict Resolution Workshop
  • Reconciliation and Forgiveness
  • Enneagram ~ A Journey of Self-Discovery