"Costing No Less than Everything "

~ A Course in preparation for Perpetual Profession

The main areas are as follows:
Personal Development
  • Journaling

  • Focusing
  • Dreams and Dreamwork

  • Psychology Maturity and the Integration of the Values of Religious Life

  • Inner Work and Spiritual Integration ~ using techniques from Psychosynthesis

  • Managing Transitions

  • Health Care and Self Care

  • Community Living Skills

  • Culture ~ Embracing Diversity

Costing No Less Than Everything

"Costing not less than Everything"

The logo encapsulates the image from T.S. Eliot's poem "Little Gidding V" from which the name of the Program has been chosen.


  • Biblical Spirituality

  • Prayer

  • Religious Life as Discipleship

  • Contemporary Understanding  of the Vows

  • Listening for God's voice and the Ignation Framework



  • Current insights and teaching on Christology and Ecclesiology  

  • Eucharist                                             




Mission and Ministry

  • Theology of Mission

  • Charism of Congregations in relation to mission and ministry

  • On-Going Theological Reflection

  • Church and Mission

  • Professional Standards

Costing No Less  Than Everything 2014